About Us


Raynham Primary School was opened in 1896 and is now a three-form entry community school. It is a three storey Victorian building with an additional single storey building which houses all our Early Years (2 – 5 year olds).This building also houses the Children’s Centre Hub.

Meet Our Staff

Headteacher                       Marva Rollins

Deputy Headteacher           Anna Trott

Deputy Headteacher           Doreen Green-Tyser

Assistant Headteacher         Altus Basson

Assistant Headteacher         Ozgen Pastirmacioglu

Assistant Headteacher         Vicky Azhar

Assistant Headteacher         Suleen Zietsman

School Business Manager    Yvonne Gilby

PA to Headteacher                Carol King

Site Manager                        Gordon Oliver

The school is organised into four departments, an Assistant Headteacher lead each Phase.


We have 6 Designated Officers who deal with any concerns about the safety of children. If something worries you out of school please contact the office and ask to speak to a Child Protection Officer.  One of us will meet with you as we treat all concerns about children’s safety as an urgent matter.

Pastoral Officer

Mrs Gepp is our Pastoral officer.  She is also a Child Protection Officer.  She works very closely with families.  If you have any concerns please call and ask to speak to her. She will either meet with you and refer you to another member of staff.

Learning Mentor

Mrs Anning meets with children who need additional reassurance in coping with situations.   She runs small group activities and also supports children in class. If your child is being supported by Mrs Anning you will be informed

Project Manager

Ms Samuda leads on all extended school activities – clubs and after school performances.  She works closely with the other schools in the  Edmonton Schools Partnership and ensure that all projects and clubs are well coordinated.  She leads on the SHINE on Saturday project which runs for 25 weeks during an academic year. If you are keen for your child to be part of extra-curricular activities please speak to Ms Samuda.


Our Nurture Group is part of the service provided by LBE to support children in some schools.  Nurture class supports children who are experiencing difficulties in their mainstream class. There may be many reasons why young children experience difficulties.  It may be a result of going through some form of trauma, living with a disability and at times everyday events such as losing a loved one, being separated from a close member of the family or the birth of a new baby can unsettle a child. In other cases children may take longer to learn, or to talk or to develop other physical skills and this can have an impact on their ability to cope in a large class. The maximum of 10 children attend Nurture for up to four terms. The Boxall Profile assessment is used to identify children whose needs show that they would benefit from attending the Nurture Group.

The Nurture Group staff  are also given advice, guidance and support by the school’s Educational Psychologist and other external agencies. The Nurture Group at Raynham is also part of the Enfield Nurture Group Network, which is supported and monitored by the Local Authority.

For more information on the school please feel free to browse our website or contact us on 020 8807 4726.